WSTC Day 3

A 7 o’clock business breakfast meant that much of the rest of today was spent wandering around in a daze. My first presentation of the day was by Marc-Thomas Schmidt who is the architect responsible for ESB (in all its guises) and Service Registry and Repository. This was followed by an excellent session given by Mike Capern and Ryan Zombo. This covered a selection of use cases from WebSphere Service Registry and Repository Proof of Concepts. It demonstrated that, although still a young product, its numerous customizable aspects means that it can meet most requirements.

After lunch I was delivering a pitch on Service Integration Bus security. This was simply an update to the presentation I delivered this time last year. It’s amazing how much quicker it went without Keys Botzum in the audience!

I have mentioned previously IBM’s support statement for running it’s software products within VMWare. It was therefore interesting to go to Ruth Willenborg’s presentation on Using WebSphere with VMWare. You can see a summary of her thoughts on the subject over on developerWorks and can expect to see more in the near future.

Next up was a lab on ITCAM for SOA, in particular looking at its use with WebSphere Process Server. It didn’t teach me much I didn’t know already but I was still left wanting to know more. The day ended with a Birds of a Feather session around WebSphere Service Registry and Repository. If nothing else it was an opportunity to put faces to some of the voices I have heard on our weekly Community of Practice calls.

This evening the UK contingent headed out to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. The tapas was good but the mains left a little to be desired. It was a slight shame that I ended up on a table most occupied by my department as there were plenty of faces elsewhere in the group that I don’t know.

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