WSTC Day 2

So, I’m going to use the title whether Andy likes it or not! My day started with a focus on the JMS and MQ bindings in WebSphere Process Server and ESB. Corville Allen from development gave an excellent session on some of the intricacies. I picked up a few facts. For example, the ability to set the SCA_JMS_SEND_DB_ERROR system property so that a ServiceRuntimeException is sent back if parsing fails in the data binding for a response. Also, I was aware that the SCA system bus is now optimized out of a flow using a JMS export and import but apparently if the request message is rolled back then, on retry, the system bus is used so that the failed event manager can kick in.

Next up was a related pitch by Shahryar Sedghi on WPS/WESB 6.0.2, JMS and WMQ Support and Best Practices. After lunch I attended a lab then decided to test out my knowledge by sitting the IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6.1 Core Administration certification test. I’m glad to say I passed so can add that to my V5 and V6.0 certificates!

The learning part of the day ended with Greg Flurry’s presentation on WebSphere ESB Advanced Topics. As well as some of the new function in 6.0.2, this covered interesting subjects such as making side-calls out to auxiliary services, retry/failover and aggregation – all possible with the use of custom mediation primitives. Watch out for forthcoming developerWorks articles on some of these topics.

2 Responses to “WSTC Day 2”

  1. Hannah Parker says:

    David, are there any WESB certifications available?
    I know I could look this up on the internet, but since you’re at Vegas 🙂 I thought I’d ask you!

    Congratulations on passing (although I’d be choking on my cereal here if I’d heard you hadn’t!!)

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Hannah,

    I’m not aware of any WESB certification and there certainly isn’t anything on offer here (only WID and WPS). I’m trying for the “SOA fundamentals” tomorrow morning though…