WSTC Day 4

I was up early again this morning to sit the SOA fundamentals test before breakfast. This I duly passed along with the Architectural Design of SOA Solutions test later in the day. So, as with Andy, I can now claim to be an IBM Certified SOA Associate and SOA Solution Designer. It does, however, prove that you don’t need to read or even buy Sandy Carter’s book. In fact, knowing that services should be stateless and that the one answer containing an IBM product is likely to be the right one will get you a long way!

The rest of my day was given over to WebSphere Service Registry and Repository, starting with a lab on integration with ITCAM for SOA, a topic I’ve covered previously. John Colgrave, one of the two lead architects for the product, then gave a presentation on the content of the forthcoming release and looking further in to the future. Lots of good ideas so it will be interesting to see how they get prioritised. Next up was a session on where the product fits in to the SOA governance story. The day ended with a very constructive roundtable session with the development representatives that are here in Vegas.

2 Responses to “WSTC Day 4”

  1. Hannah Parker says:

    Congratulations 🙂

    I didn’t take the funamentals test – is it worth having both do you think?

  2. Dave says:

    SOA Solution Designer is a level above SOA Associate so I’d probably say, no, it’s not worth it unless you are aiming for the WPS admin certification for which it is a prerequisite.