We went in to Winchester hospital yesterday afternoon where Christine was due to be induced. One prostaglandin tablet later and after hours of monitoring (don’t believe a midwife when she says “just another five minutes”!) the contractions were coming along nice and regularly when I left late last night. The pain was starting to kick in a little for Christine, probably not helped by the screams from the neighbouring labour ward! She was due another monitoring session this morning and, given that at half six in the morning I’ve just had a call asking me to come in (after getting some breakfast otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this) then I guess things are still moving along nicely.

One Response to “Induction”

  1. Mary says:

    Am just about to leave fir SINS!! Hope all went well and you are now Mummy and Daddy. Can’t get back on line until Monday pm, so put up a message. You’re card has been sitting here waiting for weeks now!!
    Love to Christine

    Mary and David