Laborious labour

I’m not sure “nice” was the right word to use about the state of affairs when I arrived at the hospital in Winchester. Christine had been having painful contractions throughout most of the night and the co-codamol they had given her had caused her to be sick. However, when she was eventually moved to the labour ward around one o’clock she was a promising 5-6cm dilated.

Unfortunately things slowed down after that and, when they eventually ruptured the membranes around seven in the evening it failed to have the desired effect. The contractions were still coming thick and fast though and Christine only stopped on the air and gas when they needed to take her temperature. By about half ten she was still only 7cm dilated and the pain had come unbearable. The epidural was shortly followed by the decision to proceed with a caesarean whilst the baby was still happy.

And with the pain now finally dulled, I thought I’d leave the happy news to its own post….

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