Man of leisure

Today marks the start of two months of leave for me. (No, before you ask, IBM aren’t quite that generous. It’s a mixture of vacation and unpaid parental leave.) It will be a chance for me to spend some time with Emma and Christine and hopefully get enough sleep to avoid turning in to a zombie. (Maybe they’ll even be a little bit of time left over to start on that list of jobs longer than my arm!) I haven’t had this long off work since… well… since I started work, so it’s a bit of a scary prospect. I’m still debating what’s the right approach to my work e-mail. I can’t ignore it completely as a) there are likely to be some notes on the work/non-work boundary that I’ll want to see and b) I couldn’t face catching up on a two month backlog when I return. However, I also know that I could easily get sucked in to doing too much. For now I’m going to settle for ignoring the internal newsgroups and forums and logging in every few days to delete the circulars and forward on the questions to my colleagues who’ve graciously agreed to cover for me.

3 Responses to “Man of leisure”

  1. Wow, jealous! Have a great time, and if I see any posts on the internal WESB forum from you I’ll have a little chuckle to myself 😉

  2. Dave says:

    And what would you be doing reading WESB forums Adrian?

  3. andyp says:

    A conversation between two men who are unable to let go 🙂

    Enjoy the leisure.