WebSphere proxy server

I tend to consider myself more of an application architect than an infrastructure expert when it comes to WebSphere Application Server and this is exemplified by my total lack of knowledge about WebSphere’s proxy server. Although shipped as part of WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment I have to confess to only having a rather fuzzy idea about its capabilities. It was therefore good to read Erik Burckart’s column reviewing the capabilities of the product and discussing where and when it may be used.

4 Responses to “WebSphere proxy server”

  1. anbuchezhian says:

    Hi Dave,

    Nice article. Actually I am trying to deploy WAS proxy server for workload management.


    General suggestion I have:

    could you please make this blog with archives facility and datewise tip.

    • Dave says:

      If you tell me what you mean by “archives facility and datewise tip” then I’ll try and oblige!

      • anbuchezhian says:

        Actually I mean a widget of monthly calendar including dates. When we would click the particular date, we will be able to see the articles for the day.

        thanks Dave.

        • Dave says:

          I did have a calendar widget but removed it as it just showed how infrequently I manage to post entries!