Janesmoor Pond RR10

Wednesday saw what was probably my last RR10 of the year (we’re likely to be away for Stoke Park Woods and IBM hosts the last race of the year). It was a new course for me, out at Janesmoor Pond in the New Forest. I was warned that it was undulating and wasn’t disappointed (my watch measured over 300m of ascent in 6.8km which is positively mountainous for round here!). The course also now leaves the gravel tracks to cut through the middle of the first loop meaning there was also be some mud to be had.

I started ridiculously fast but got in to a good little pack with Graham Bungay from Southampton and two young Winchester runners. We were jockeying for position the whole way round but the final climb up on to the plain eventually split us up. I couldn’t keep up with one of the whippets but finished seventh, my highest position of the year so a good way to end the season. Sadly my overall position has dropped from the heady heights of fourth place as more runners get the necessary six races to qualify. It’ll be touch and go whether I can hang on in the top ten but could still be my best ranking in the past five years.

2 Responses to “Janesmoor Pond RR10”

  1. Sam says:

    One of my better races to despite my supposed tiredness. Guess my head-to-head with Diego helped waken me up.

    Expect the course suits Orienteers more than flat road runners, as I overtook 6 people up the last incline (and I thought my legs were broken at the bottom) to give my best ever RR10 finish.

    Looks like this maternity leave is good for the running form after all! 😉

  2. Dave says:

    Erm – I think that’ll be *p*aternity leave Sam! And I didn’t know you were on it too!!