Aggregation with WebSphere ESB

Aggregation isn’t currently one of the capabilities available out of the box with WebSphere ESB but it’s something a number of people have asked me about in the past, particularly those from a WebSphere Message Broker background. I was therefore particularly pleased when Russ Butek showed me a draft of a developerWorks article he was putting together which demonstrated how to achieve aggregation using a custom mediation primitive. Looks like that article has now been published so you can now read all about it for yourselves.

2 Responses to “Aggregation with WebSphere ESB”

  1. Edward says:

    David, for years we have been writing custom extensions and plug-ins for WebSphere for our clients. I wonder if an Aggregation plugin for WebSphere can be developed using Eclipse?


  2. Dave says:

    Ed – by WebSphere I assume you mean WebSphere Application Server? What type of messages were you hoping to aggregate?