Bumps and certificates

As Christine has already blogged, we were at Queen Elizabeth Country Park yesterday. Amusingly, given my current state, we were meant to be providing first aid cover for the event. Fortunately our services weren’t called upon. The closest we got was one elderly gent failed to climb over the wooden railing surrounding the car park, fell backwards, and proceeded to bash his head on our front bumper!

Unfortunately our presence meant that I couldn’t escape collected my certificate for third place on the Brown Course in the SCOA League. I could put my position down to the fact that I had only amassed five rather than the required six events but I was beaten by those placed first and second in every one of those events. Just a shame I couldn’t make the most of their absence by running yesterday! I think it’s also fair to say that the league has never influenced whether or not I went to an event.

2 Responses to “Bumps and certificates”

  1. Sam says:

    I think SCOA are trying to introduce more randomness into proceedings by not telling you which event are qualifiers! Somehow I only managed one of the eight events last season and got a DSQ on that!

    At least with sundays event, Ive got one on the board for next year!

  2. […] amazing little chap was seen crawling up the edge of the download tent at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park event on Sunday. As suggested, I looked him up on the cunningly named http://www.whatisthiscaterpillar.co.uk […]