Navel gazing

Well, the dressings came off today so I am now able to admire the surgeons’ handiwork: two horizontal incisions less than a centimetre long on my waistline and a third two centimetre cut disappearing vertically in to my bellybutton. The former are very neat and pale into insignificance against injuries I’ve inflicted on myself whilst orienteering! The latter is slightly swollen and very painful to the touch. The nurse confirmed my suspicion that the sore patch at the top of my chest is probably just where someone was leaning! Most annoying at the moment is the sore throat from the ET tube. This a) causes me to cough making my stomach hurt and b) means I keep losing my voice. Still, it all sounds like it definitely needed doing: over her shoulder I could ready delightful phrases like “purulent exudate” and “gangrenous appendix and peritonitis” from my notes. Don’t Google those if you are squeamish!

2 Responses to “Navel gazing”

  1. Neil says:

    I am surprised that you haven’t posted a picture of your scars on the blog for all to see…


  2. Dave says:

    My stomach isn’t a pleasant sight at the best of times…