Schmap photos

A couple of weeks back, I had a message via Flickr asking whether Schmap could include a couple of my photos in their free online city guides. I didn’t have a problem with this and you can now find them here and here. I have to say I’m a bit dubious about a city guide that feels the need to include Oddbins in the shopping and food section, and even more so given they put my photo of Winchester Oddbins in the Southampton guide! I suspect they need to increase the resolution of their automated searches via the Flickr API.

2 Responses to “Schmap photos”

  1. Neil says:

    what is impressive though is that they have placed Longleat Estate on Longleat Gardens in the middle of Lordshill! I am disappointed that they didn’t put the Bealiue motor museum next door to it on Bealiue Close but perhaps they didn’t have a picture of it. I cann’t wait for all the disappointed tourists to turn up to Longleat Gardens expecting to find a stately home…


  2. Dave says:

    Yeah – I’m not sure that’s the sort of estate the Marquess of Bath lives on! Maybe they had your spelling of Beaulieu so couldn’t find it at all? 😛