Street-O starts

Another sure sign that winter’s on its way – the start of the SOC street events. First up on Thursday night was Dibden courtesy of Jon Forster. Jon had reduced the area covered from last year and lay down the gauntlet by stating that he thought it may be possible to get all of the controls (lamposts). I made a better start than last time: remembering a head torch and not getting too disorientated in the small pockets of woodland. My plan for the controls ahead kept changing and things started to go a bit pear shaped when I missed out 19. When I eventually came back to collect it I was starting to run short on time. It didn’t take long to decide to drop 6 and 2. The clock shows me 13 seconds late back but I put that down to following an unmapped path round the back of the shops rather than the one to the car park. You can see my route on Google maps.

5 Responses to “Street-O starts”

  1. Matt Roberts says:

    Hi David – hope you enjoyed the delights of Dibden Purlieu. Waypoint number 18 appears to have been the lamp-post outside my parent’s house!



  2. Sam says:

    Heres my eventful trawl round Dibden (losing touch with the map twice!)

    Almost ran into the lake running to my 4th control, and contemplated the cross country route across the fields!

  3. Dave says:

    @Matt – thankfully that was one of the areas where I didn’t feel the need to run fast for my own safety!
    @Sam – lake?! I don’t remember any lakes!

  4. Sam says:

    Its there, just zoom in, you can see my averted course!. The 3D images are very clear round Dibden.

  5. Dave says:

    Keep opening your links in Firefox in which case I can’t see your route at all! Ah yes – I see it now. Wind from Fawley must have been blowing the other way the day they took those photos!