SportTracks and Garmin

Version 2.0 of the SportTracks GPS exercise logbook now looks ready for prime time. Having used it for a few days now I have yet to discover any killer new features but neither have I spotted anything that is missing which, at one point, seemed to be likely to be the case. I’m also contemplating returning my Forerunner 305 to Garmin again as the sound has gone which was the first thing to stop working last time. Whilst looking around the Garmin site I spotted the Forerunner 405 which was announced at CES and is due to ship in March. Shockingly it a) looks like a watch and b) can be used to tell the time when not in GPS mode! With such a small screen it is perhaps not surprising that you lose the ability to view routes and the current track but still very tempting all the same.

3 Responses to “SportTracks and Garmin”

  1. Neil says:

    but what I want to know is when it is in GPS mode do you get the full nano-second accuracy that it must have in order to work out where you are? Personally I would certainly buy a watch that had nine decimal places after the seconds. Not least because it would allow you to test general relativity on your wrist after running up a hill like this:


  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for telling me what a nano-second is Neil! 😉 Are you planning to take the twins up a mountain in the near future? I think you’ll need to go a little further afield than Hampshire!

  3. RunColo says:

    Yeah, I’ve been pretty happy with my Garmin 405.