My first US patent

Last week I had my first US patent issued: #7218708. The patent describes the use of the J2EE Connector Architecture to integrate a Java Message Service provider with an application server. This is something that is actually very easy to do with JCA 1.5 given the restriction of one JMS session per connection introduced by J2EE 1.4. However this patent describes a mechanism to use JCA twice (once at the connection level and once at the session level) that doesn’t require this restriction. This was first used in WebSphere Application Server V5 and continues to be used for the WebSphere MQ and generic JMS provider support today.

2 Responses to “My first US patent”

  1. Neil says:

    speaking as someone who doesn’t believe that software is patentable congratulations.
    Also claiming that it very easy to do in your blog might suggest that the patent
    shouldn’t have been granted since it was ‘obvious’…

    Looking at the patent database there are a lot more interesting inventions by Curries. I particularly like “Spoon apparatus and method” for a new and improved spoon, while
    the “Device for holding a blister pack” does exactly what it says in the title. Finally
    how can you go past the “Anaerobic sludge digester”


  2. Dave says:

    Neil – I claimed that the easy case was simple to do. What is debatable is whether the harder case is actually worth solving. It seems that IBM’s lawyers thought so!

    Shame – I read that as an “anaerobic slug digester” the first time. That would certainly be useful when the little blighters try and invade our kitchen.