Running from Rufus

Having discovered the excellent XML Google Maps for displaying maps on a WordPress blog I’ve decided to add a few more GPX routes to this blog. So here’s the route from Tuesday night’s run from the Rufus Stone around two underpasses. It was a bit wet underfoot but not as bad as anticipated (perhaps because Neil’s absence meant we took less direct routes!).

Rufus Stone Two Underpasses GPX

Also thanks to Sam Massey for pointing out that there is a known bug which is why I haven’t seen any Google maps in SportTracks recently. This provides a good excuse to install the Apply Routes plugin which, amongst other things, finally meets my requirement to be able to view routes on Live Earth maps. These tend to provide much better quality images covering the New Forest.

2 Responses to “Running from Rufus”

  1. Neil says:

    I am not sure what you are implying about my route choices but it doesn’t sound complimentary. Nor would I want to suggest that there is a correlation between a direct route and a wet one. Personally I always try for the most fun option.


    • Dave says:

      Neil – Of course we would have had more fun had you been there – we just might have ended up a bit wetter! There was, however, a discussion at one point on the run as to whether you went out at weekends looking for the “fun options” or just had a good nose for them!