Last run from Rufus Stone

In a break with tradition, tonight’s run will be the last from Rufus Stone this year as the venue can’t really support five different runs. With a bumper attendance, Neil ably led us round a triangle(ish) containing Ocknell Inclosure. On this occasion we managed to stay out of the re-enterants on the North edge of the Inclosure and remarkably we were back at Rufus Stone with time (and daylight) to spare. In case Mike’s memory fails him (!) I should probably say that we ran round clockwise.

Rufus Stone GPX

4 Responses to “Last run from Rufus Stone”

  1. Neil says:

    surely the first line should read “was the last run” rather than “will be the last run”. Unless of course you can see into the future and you posted this blog before we actually did the run. In which case since you already knew where we would be running why did you wait until I suggested a route?

    Also looking at the map the route is far closer to a quadrilateral than a triangle. But I guess if you can see into the future you don’t really need to be able to count.


    • Dave says:

      Hmm – I did change it to “was” and then changed it back again. My take is that it always will be the last run we had from Fritham this month. Also I think a triangle(ish) is a quadrilateral (give or take one side)!

  2. Christine says:

    Fritham, Rufus Stone – same place give or take a few miles …