Cornish delight

679We spent a long weekend visiting Christine’s brother and his wife down in Falmouth. We headed down on Friday, stopping at Bridport for a lunchtime break. It was like a dream come true for Emma – more pebbles than she knew what to do with! On Saturday we headed over to the massive stretch of beach that is Hale Sands. Lots to see with kite surfing, land yachting, and land kiting (apologies to devotees if I’ve incorrectly labelled their favourite sport!). Emma enjoyed drawing in the sand but was a bit bemused by the rest of the party building a large fort and then proceeding to watch the sea take it over.

Emma had a few wakeful hours on Saturday night which left us all a bit drowsy on Sunday. As a consequence we didn’t make it to the orienteering at Polly Joke and instead went for a local walk down to the nearby reservoir. We did have a good journey back to Southampton though with only four hours of driving and a couple of breaks. One of these stops was a chance to sample the delights of a Little Chef for the first time in years. I enjoyed my liver casserole but Christine was less impressed by her jacket potato and tuna, and Emma wasn’t too taken with the spaghetti bolognese from the children’s menu. Perhaps we should have followed the example of most of the other patrons and gone for the all-day breakfast.

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