Wet and dark

It was cold and wet this evening but that didn’t seem to deter a good crowd turning up for tonight’s run – in semi-darkness despite a six o-clock start. You can see the anti-clockwise loop below. I should probably add that the orienteers in the group obviously did some entirely different loop out to the east due to the embargoed area for next year’s British Champs – I just lent my watch to one of the other group. 😉

Fritham GPX

2 Responses to “Wet and dark”

  1. Neil says:

    the nice thing about the google earth is that you can see where you should have gone. The final path up the hill is quite clear yet we couldn’t see it at all in the dark (but then again I probably wouldn’t have gone up it if we could have seen it).

    And I can see an obvious way around the bog that we went through…


    • Dave says:

      I suspect, however, I’d be accused of being a killjoy if I planned our route in advance on Google Earth and we then followed it religiously on the GPS!