Staying dry

In common with my in-laws, I was grateful not to be in the Lake District this weekend at the Original Mountain Marathon. As featured all over the BBC news, the event was a bit of a wash out (to put it mildly). In my case, I was asked to run the long score a couple of months back when someone’s partner looked like they might have to drop out. Given that they would have been looking to win, I dread to think how little kit I might have been carrying in a bid to keep up! Instead, I enjoyed a dry Saturday with my family back in Hertfordshire.

If you want to read a less sensationalist report of the weekend’s events than those provided by the mainstream media then I’d recommend those on SleepMonsters and planetFear.

5 Responses to “Staying dry”

  1. Neil says:

    I have the opposite reaction, personally I am more annoyed about not having entered given that it was called off than I would have been had it gone ahead with no problems. At least if I had entered I would have had something to talk about for days.


    • Dave says:

      Ah, but this way I get to talk about it without actually having driven to the Lakes, got soaked and dragged the car back out of a bog!

    • Dave says:

      The organisers obviously agree with you Neil. Apparently they are having the souvenir T-shirts overprinted with ‘YOU HAD TO BE THERE…’! Also interesting that they anticipate are larger than usual entry for next year.

  2. Christine says:

    I’m with Neil on this one as well. The coverage on the 10 o clock news made it look like a great atmosphere. Having your car trashed by the flood water may have been a bit annoying though, but that only happened to a few people.