Torchlit Ponds

As the track below shows, last night we were running the Six Ponds route once again (although this time counter-clockwise). What it fails to show is that we were doing so in the dark, the clocks having changed at the weekend. Darkness is a relative term though with some of us sporting large head torches and others the smallest of LED lights. It was a good chance to creep on some impressive stags. Back to the roads of Southampton next week…

Six Ponds GPX

2 Responses to “Torchlit Ponds”

  1. Neil says:

    next year we will have to try it without the lights since the stags still managed to get away.


    • Dave says:

      Given the size of the antlers I think I’d rather not get too close!

      Conveniently the planners of next year’s British have given me an outline of the competition area which doesn’t overlap with the Six Ponds run…