Day off

682I had an enforced day off work when the nursery refused to let Emma in with a bout of conjunctivitis (although interestingly the information we got from the nurse included guidance from the Health Protection Agency that eye infections were not a reason to exclude a child from school or childcare). Emma and I made the most of the opportunity (and sun) and headed over to Manor Farm Country Park for much of the day.

I’ve been to the park a number of times before for RR10 races but have never made it as far as the farm. It being half term, the place was fairly busy but it also meant that there were extra activities laid on with a Halloween theme. Most of these were lost on Emma but she enjoyed meeting all of the animals (ducks, pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits and a horse to name a few). We then had a nice walk around the park. It was particularly pleasant along by the Hamble and I’d be tempted to return to investigate more of the Strawberry Trail.

We then had a bit of excitement on our return home when, whilst playing out the front of the house, a Google Street View car came past the house so we look forward to our blurred faces appearing on Google Maps at some point in the future!

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