XP upgrade install under VMware

I’m currently in the process of moving everything from my loan Thinkpad to my shiny new T61p. I thought that I’d try and make a cleaner divide between work related and personal applications by putting the latter in a VMware image. Having just disposed of an old desktop machine at home, I had a spare Windows XP Pro licence to use for the purpose. Unfortunately, I have an upgrade CD and when it came to the point in the installation where it asked for the old Windows media it refused to recognise the Windows 98 CD I had. I started to get suspicious when a Windows NT CD also didn’t work. After searching around the forums I bit I eventually discovered that the installer doesn’t realise that you’ve swapped over the CD. The secret is to take the original CD out, hit Enter, and then when it prompts you again, put the new CD in.

I have two main reasons for using Windows as opposed to Linux: Adobe Photoshop Elements and SportTracks (although I suspect there is some mileage in running the latter with Wine). Sadly the VMware image failed to detect the USB hard drive on which all of our photos are stored. I could attach it to the host and then use a shared folder but the performance was then atrocious. Some more thought needed on this one…

One Response to “XP upgrade install under VMware”

  1. Ken says:

    Thanks for the info. Sure beats trying to install NT4 SP6 in VMWare just to install XP. Another VMWare idiosyncrasy to record.