On Sunday I had my second orienteer of the week and, courtesy of Aunty Sarah babysitting, Christine had her third. It was another short trip in to the Forest of Dean, this time to the BOK Gallopen at Headless Hill. For the Forest of Dean, the area was remarkably free of undergrowth and brashings and Alice and Mark had planned a good set of courses. My problem, as with most of the forest, is the hills. They’re steep and consequently I don’t enjoy running up them, down them, or around them. This was made worse by the previous night’s heavy soaking which meant the carpet of leaves covered a good slick layer of mud.

I didn’t help matters by making some really stupid mistakes. On control 12 for example I stopped about 200 metres shy of the circle and wasted four minutes hunting around in the middle of nowhere, and on number 18 I took 2:19 on a 100m leg! It still came as a bit of a shock to be a full 20 minutes down on Ben Chesters in the results.

In the three way match between Christine, her Dad and her brother, Christine came in the middle, getting revenge on her Dad for the previous day.

Headless Hill Brown Course GPX

3 Responses to “Headless”

  1. Christine's Dad says:

    You thought your run was bad! Looks better than mine – http://gerrya.wordpress.com/2008/11/23/a-weekend-of-orienteering/.
    I guess I get the wooden spoon for the weekend.

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