Tall Trees

700The original plan for today was to head out in to the New Forest on our bikes for a family outing to celebrate Christine’s birthday. This didn’t seem like such a hot idea given the temperature was just above freezing. Instead, we bundled Emma up in as many clothes as we could find and had a walk around the Tall Trees Trail on Rhinefield Ornamental Drive and the Blackwater Arboretum. Hard to get too excited about the trees but it was a pleasant enough walk and Emma eventually dozed off in the buggy despite the cold. We stopped off in one of the many Lyndhurst tea shops for lunch on the way home. Given that, after about an hour and a half this evening, I still hadn’t finished fixing our new roof rack and cycle racks to the car, it’s probably just as well we didn’t go for the bike option anyway!

4 Responses to “Tall Trees”

  1. Christine's Dad says:

    Looking older every day, but her picture doesn’t make her look like a woodland fairy! I like the colours though.

    • Dave says:

      I think all of the woodland fairies have gone to Spain for the winter! I have to confess that the colours needed a bit of a boost given the miserable grey day that it was.

  2. Neil says:

    why spain? Surely fairies have lots of place to choose from to spend the winter. Or given the length of time they have lived in the new forest they would have evolved to adapt to the cold weather.