Tenth again

A slightly belated report on the BKO Concorde Chase last Sunday. Unlike the previous night’s event, this was an all out running race. That’s not to say that there wasn’t a reasonable amount of terrain running – just that the controls themselves were never hugely technical. I was tenth again but out of a larger field and a more respectable 10 minutes behind the winner. I was pretty happy with my run and you can see my route round the Black course over on RouteGadget.

My only truly suspect leg was 14. I’d managed not to waste too much time in the rhododendrums at 13 (or the controversial number 7 come to that) but then thought I was on the small path heading SE when in fact I was heading due east. This then confused the hell out of me when I reached the end of the track and was still a long way from the open. Then when I did get to the open I completely failed to see the track heading east toward the control.

In some ways it was a shame to have done the night event as a bit of extra energy might have been enough to knock off the 2-3minutes that would have turned this in to a really good run. Having someone to run with for at least part of the course would have helped too. If I’d recognised Tuomas Tala passing me on the way to number 6 then maybe I would have tried to hang on for a bit!

I’m afraid I had much less success with Emma on the string course – we were last. It might have helped if I hadn’t had to carry her all the way round!

2 Responses to “Tenth again”

  1. Neil says:

    surely even walking you should have been quicker than a 3 year old? Personally
    I think that even I would be hard pushed to come last on a string course.