CompassSport Cup narrow miss

It was the first round of the CompassSport Cup yesterday with our match being hosted by BADO at Pamber Forest (in the vicinity of Aldermaston). Christine retired from her run due to odd,baby related, pulls. I had a pretty decent run for once. My splits graph shows a sudden increase in speed from leg 7 onwards which is where I first sighted Ralph Street. In my defence, that was all it was, a sighting, and I didn’t see him again until 11 and then not again until 18. In fact, it was only from 20 onwards where I was actually chasing him (no chance of catching I’m afraid). I was fifth in the results but still over 5 minutes down on Dave Rollins who must have been flying. Emma managed to bring up the rear on the string course again but at least she was getting round under her own steam this time! Sadly (or not depending on your thoughts on travelling to Leicestershire for the final) SOC lost out narrowly to TVOC with SLOW having a clear win.

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