730Christine and I are pleased to announce that we’re expecting another child. We had the initial scan last week and with the blood test results also coming through clear we’re now spreading the word. Due date is 1 October although Christine’s adamant that’s a week early. When asked whether she’d like a little brother or sister, Emma is very consistent in her answer: ‘No’!

7 Responses to “Expecting”

  1. Congratulations, and best wishes to you both! I’m told I gave the same answer to my mother when informed a sibling was on the way 🙂

  2. Nat says:

    Well done and nice ultrasound picture – they all aren’t that photogenic or well behaved! Hope the first trimester is treating you well Christine….

    • Dave says:

      Thanks Nat. We’ll confess that most of these were from the second attempt following a bit of a stretch and more water. Christine’s been feeling it a bit harder than with Emma and the end to morning sickness doesn’t seem to be in sight yet. Hope all is going well for the final countdown!

  3. Neil says:

    Dave and Christine,
    congratulations. I have found just the right present for new kids.

    which I think is ideal but Alice is claiming is totally wrong. Perhaps
    I will have to get it for Emma instead.


    • Dave says:

      I can see that if you have twins it might a bit awkward deciding which one gets to be Vader and which one gets to be Leia least you scar them for life!

  4. Neil says:

    the obvious solution is to get 2 Vader outfits. Or wait until they have
    a Han Solo outfit as well.

    Where are the strong female role models in Science Fiction movies?


  5. Petra says:

    Fantastic news!!!!!!!!! Congrations to you both.

    Though I was secretly hoping to get you over to the Czech Kingdom in the near future 🙂

    Hope everything will go well and Emma will get used to the idea soon 🙂