Back to the Forest

As tradition dictates, with the clocks changed it was time to return to Fritham this evening for the first Tuesday night run of the summer. There was a cracking turnout with, if I counted correctly, 16 people running including a few new faces. The pace was a little faster than usual, particularly for myself, Neil Broderick, Ian Moran and Sam Massey, as the three of us had waited five minutes for Sam to turn up and get changed. Consequently, we spent the first three of the six ponds chasing down everyone else. 53 minutes is almost certainly my fastest time for that run!

Six Ponds GPX

One Response to “Back to the Forest”

  1. Neil says:

    I was beginning to think this was another ‘orphaned’ blog. But I see
    I was wrong and that certainly you have plenty of excuses at hand for
    not updating it.