Service Integration Bus Destination Handler

I’ve previously plugged the Service Integration Bus Explorer and IBM Client Application for JMS as useful tools to have in your WebSphere messaging kitbag. Thanks go once again to Dave Screen, this time for bringing the Service Integration Bus Destination Handler to my attention. This provides a very configurable mechansim for carrying out actions on a set of messages either on a one-off basis (via client or web application) or on a scheduled basis. Particularly useful operations include dumping messages, moving messages from one destination to another, and resurrecting messages from the exception destination. The readme file available in the download provides lots of detailed instructions and examples.

One Response to “Service Integration Bus Destination Handler”

  1. AarEmm says:

    Thanks for the pretty useful and interesting blogs. Can the SIB Explorer tool be used for moving messages between destinations ( queues )? Our intention is to move the messages that go into Error queue back in to the Message queue for re-processing. So far our understanding is SIB Explorer tool allows sending (manually) the (test) messages to a chosen destination. But can it also be used for moving messages between (application defined) queues ? Please advise.