Splitting up is easy to do

To continue a recent theme, I got wet again tonight when running from Godshill. Neil led the way with map in hand so we could weave an intricate route around the local footpaths and roads. There was a minor revolt when, having just climbed to the top of the hill, Neil disappeared off down to the River Avon again. Neil and Roderick did actually manage to make it back to the car before us but then they did have a map!

Godshill GPX

2 Responses to “Splitting up is easy to do”

  1. Neil says:

    firstly I notice that you are the most popular David Currie on google
    again so you must be doing something right. Anyway you lot missed
    the best bit of the run (and Roderick would probably claim the worse
    bit as well) down by the river. There was a lovely path along the river bank
    were we could watch the trout swim by.