Janesmoor RR10

Tonight’s RR10 was out in the New Forest at Janesmoor Pond. The race started at a fast pace along the gravel tracks through the inclosure. My left knee was continuing to give me grief, particularly when trying to stride out on the downhills. There was too much gravel for my liking with only a short detour along a muddy ride in the middle (which is probably what most of the rest of the field complained about) and then the last climb back up the hill towards the pond offering a respite from the pounding. I’d hoped to be able to do some overtaking on that last incline but, despite having four runners lined up in front of me, I had nothing left in my legs and was overtaken by one other runner. I still finished in 18th place which is my best position so far this year.

Janesmoor Pond RR10 GPX

4 Responses to “Janesmoor RR10”

  1. Neil says:

    I am impressed by the small mountain you found in the midde of the inclosure.
    Given that the highest point in Hampshire (Pilot Hill) is only just 286m yours
    must be the 2nd highest point in the county. And I am even more impressed
    at the speed at which you went up it given it’s gradient.

    Come the next 6 ponds run you will have to point it out and we can all go up
    it together.


  2. Dave says:

    Probably me flailing my arms around in the mud as the peak corresponds with the top of the detour along the muddy ride. I’m afraid to say that when we passed through the same point later the hill had sunk to just 90 metres so there’ll probably be only a mole hill left by the time we’re next running there!

  3. Neil says:

    last time I checked your arms were fairly normal and not am impressive 270
    metres long. Unless they are like a frog’s tongue and you keep most of their
    length coiled up most of the time…