Test Success

791In a change from previous years, I was slated for the Southampton Running Club Mens A team for the Test Way Relay from the off rather than being drafted in at the last minute. This had the benefit that I knew well in advance which leg I’d be doing – that from Middleton down to Wherwell. I recceed the route the week before which was just as well: the map I’d been given was seriously out of date and would have had me dodging the traffic on the A303 rather than taking the alternative route over the “new” bridge.

On the day, things went well though. Christine, Emma and guests were installed at the pub in Middleton for lunch and I walked up to the start. After watching the womens and mixed teams come through I was on tenterhooks. Paul sent me out in the lead of the mens race. My legs didn’t have any of tiredness of recent weeks (months) and I could put in some good work on the inclines. In the end, it took me just over 30 minutes for the 8km leg which is fairly respectable. I then headed on to Chilbolton Common and went for a paddle in the river with Emma!

Later that evening, I received another plastic trophy to add to my collection. The team had won by 20 minutes in the end with the second placed Winchester team having taken several wrong turns in the last couple of legs.

20090919 Test Way Relay GPX

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  1. Bjørn-Willy says:

    Congrats, Dave. 3.75 min/km is fresh….