Rainy Rufus

On Tuesday I’d cycled home in the rain. It wasn’t all that heavy and, it being a fairly short ride, I didn’t get too wet. Then I went running in the New Forest and got absolutely soaked. It was tipping it down as I drove to Rufus Stone with traffic crawling along the motorway. The GPX track below doesn’t start at the Stone because, having only just arrived on time, the group of runners huddling under a tree for cover weren’t about to wait for my watch to find a satellite before starting off! The only saving grace was that Christine had lent me her relatively new waterproof jacket to take for a test run in case I decided mine wasn’t up to an OMM in Wales so at least part of me stayed relatively dry.

20090915 Rufus Stone GPX

2 Responses to “Rainy Rufus”

  1. Christine says:

    And what did you think of the waterproof?