Classic New Forest

Yesterday was SOC’s annual November Classic orienteering event. This year the venue was Eyeworth and Bentley (around Fritham). I probably made a mistake in asking for my start time to be moved forward to something closer to my brother’s (rather than vice-versa) as we got soaked running to the start. The rain had pretty much ceased by the time my course made it out in to the open though and when I finished the sun was actually shining.

I really enjoyed the event. My legs were pretty tired from last weekend and, around control 8, I thought I’d probably had about enough despite only being a third of the way round the course. It was Classic New Forest terrain though making the most of the lovely runnable Inclosures. Nothing particularly technical but Jack Hutchison had done a good job of keeping things interesting. There was still the opportunity to waste time through sloppy compass work. At 8 I was too far to the right but didn’t waste too long bouncing back off the track beyond and, at 17, I failed to twig that the path I was on was disappearing off downhill and hence not the one on the map. On the whole I was remarkably consistent, finishing in 6th place on M21L. Perhaps I should try running slower more often!

The rest of the family also seem to have enjoyed themselves at the event. Emma walked (and even ran parts of) the entire string course. Large puddles certainly seemed to increase the interest for her. Duncan, for his part, didn’t seem to mind the pouring rain too much. Having failed to help at the event, I should thank my fellow club members for all of their hard work – particularly those on the wet early shift!

20091102 November Classic, Black GPX

3 Responses to “Classic New Forest”

  1. Neil says:

    it is interesting comparing your route to mine. It looks like you managed
    to pick better choices most of the time (except perhaps 17) and certainly you didn’t get nearly as lost as I did at times.

    Now we just need to persaude SOC to use Route Gadget.