DynaCache and WebSphere ESB/Process Server

Building WebSphere ESB and Process Server on WebSphere Application Server means that they benefit from the scalability, reliability, transactionality and security of the underlying platform. Another advantage is that you, as a developer, have access to all of the underlying capabilities of the application server. In a recent article, Alan Hopkins (Dr Alan to you apparently!) demonstrated the use of the object cache to provide a shared variable between two modules. On a similar vein, another UK ISSW consultant Gabriel Telerman has just published a detailed tutorial describing how to use DynaCache from an SCA Java component to improve performance in a WebSphere ESB or Process Server environment. Now Gaby, can I have that pint now for the plug?

One Response to “DynaCache and WebSphere ESB/Process Server”

  1. Ravi Raoushan says:

    Dear Team,

    Please provide the details to implement Dyna cache in WESB.