Circular start to Sainsburys

Being the first Tuesday of the month, it had to be a trip to Sainsburys, but we were missing Peter and Neil for Tuesday’s run (who would normally provide direction). Andy and myself were at the front as we crossed the Avenue and, for some reason, I let Andy turn us left and was then happy to take the next right. This meant we got to do an extra circuit (and hill) before rejoining the normal route at the sports centre. No harm done though. Towards the end, Stuart made the fatal statement “it’s actually not a bad night for running” at which point it started raining.

20091201 Sainsburys GPX

2 Responses to “Circular start to Sainsburys”

  1. Neil says:

    how many times have you done Sainsburys? And still you manage to get lost. I
    won’t even mention that you should have done it in the other direction…