Scared of Santa

On Saturday we took Emma to see Santa in the clubhouse at work (obviously where he hangs out at weekends). There was a bit of a queue but the guys had done a good job of providing entertainment once you made it in to Santa’s grotto: snowing Christmas trees, dancing Santas – that sort of thing. Emma’s favourites were the toy trains. Unfortunately, when the moment came to meet the big man Emma’s nerves kicked in and she just cowered behind me.

I was suitably impressed by the monetary value of the presents that Santa was doling out although, given Emma’s present was aimed at 12 months – 3 years, you can imagine that it might not keep the attention of a bright 2.5 year old for a long time. Emma also wasn’t too impressed by the magician whose voice was blaring out of the speakers in the sports hall. They were also out of mince pies so we just retreated to the playground outside. Once we were safely at home Emma declared that she wouldn’t be so scared of Santa next time. We’ll find out on Wednesday as I believe he’s due to be visiting nursery then…

2 Responses to “Scared of Santa”

  1. nat says:


    We had a similar experience when I took Ella and Katy to have a photo with Santa at the local mall in Perth. I came home with a photo of just Katy and Santa!
    Talking about photos how is the little man doing. Got any recent photos?


    • Dave says:

      Hi Nat,
      Another post about today’s Santa encounter coming in a minute… Duncan’s doing just fine. I’ve been a bit rubbish about photos recently so will have to rectify that over the Xmas vacation, particularly as he’s a little more generous with his smiles now than he was a few weeks back. He’s keeping Christine up most of the night which is probably why his weight is still on the 98th percentile…