Run the Pubs 2009

Yesterday saw the continuation of a recent tradition: a run around all of the pubs that hosted us following our Tuesday night runs in the summer. This year that entailed taking in the Beaulieu Road Inn, Oak Inn (Bank), Sir Walter Tyrell (Rufus Stone), Royal Oak (Fritham) and Fighting Cocks (Godshill). Seven of us gathered at the first of these at 9 o’clock on a frosty but sunny morning. We set a leisurely pace and stuck to a well trodden path bar a minor detour where the Forestry Commission had closed a ride for ‘consolidation’. Refreshements on route were provided at Minstead courtesy of the Yeos (although sadly none could be persuaded to join the run). I handed over to Christine at Fritham where Peter Smith also retired. This left Sue Sleath, Stuart Boden, Neil Broderick, Roderick Johnstone and Peat Allan as the five to complete this year’s run in its entirety (just over 17 off-road miles in a smidge under 3 hours). Neil continued with his form of recent years by finishing with blood running down his leg from a fall within half a mile of the start (albeit an injury actually sustained a week early!).

20091220 Run the Pubs

The Beaulieu Road Inn

2 Responses to “Run the Pubs 2009”

  1. Neil says:

    that might have been a leisurely pace for you but then you did drop out
    along the way. Personally I spent the rest of the day hobbling around and
    I certainly felt that it was faster and longer than a leisurely run.

    Also for the sake of correctness I will point out that when I got home and examined I my leg it is a new cut and not the old one.


    • Dave says:

      I’m sure it was the last two hills that were the final straw… Glad to hear you were adding to the injury count though.