Sharing sister

I think it’s fair to say that Emma isn’t all that great at sharing things with Duncan. With a little persuasion she’ll give him one of her toys but when you’ve got your back turned she’s quite likely to rip it back out of his hands! She’s also all to ready to be his morale guardian, sweeping anything out of his reach lest he might put it in his mouth. This, combined with the fact that Duncan is, on average, still waking twice in the night (if you count 6:30am as night time), meant that it was with some trepadation that we moved Duncan’s cot in to Emma’s (now the children’s) room.

Duncan was, as usual, asleep by the end of his bedtime feed. Shortly after we left Emma, we could here her advising Duncan to ‘go to sleep now’ and ‘quiet now’. This was then followed by the sound of footsteps thundering across the floor (Emma has inherited her mother’s light steps!). By the time I made it upstairs again though Emma was tucked up in bed again. She had, however, made the mistake of sitting three of her toys upright in the middle of the floor – bit of a give away! Before long though it had all gone quiet.

True to form, Duncan woke twice in the night but was successfully extracted on both occasions without waking Emma so we shall consider the move a success. Hopefully it will mean that I can, once more, leave the spare room for guests to sleep in!

2 Responses to “Sharing sister”

  1. Christine says:

    Duncan has spent at least an hour of every night asleep in the spare room bed so far. Let that be a warning to anyone who’s thinking of coming to visit us!

  2. Bjørn-Willy says:

    Hi, this sounds very familiar to me too, it’s quite like my kids behaved too, with the big sister and her little borther.

    Even if today my kids at 10 and 13 doing (almost) all things themselves, including Silje (13) fixing dinner to them both after school so they’re ready to traning at 18 o’clock, I miss the time when they were tiny kids.

    So I beg you to do a LOT of videos, it’s prizeless an a couple of years. I know you take a lot of pictures, but video is also a must. I have a lot of video the we all see occasionally, and suddenly you’re back to the beginnings again… and can move away from the dipertimes with just a click on the remote …..