Not the Bramble Hill Hotel

This week’s Tuesday night run was described to me as the “Neil’s Wedding Run”. It was meant to take in the Bramble Hill Hotel but somehow we didn’t quite find it and ended up retracing our steps along an admittedly very nice ridge. We did, however, manage to regain our intended route later and hence, had it really been the prelude to Neil’s wedding, to the point where we would have received our champagne. We had to make do with beer from the Royal Oak instead!

20100420 Bramble Hill GPX

2 Responses to “Not the Bramble Hill Hotel”

  1. Neil says:

    from your track it looks like all you needed to do was go another
    10 metres and you would have found the right path. Surely had I
    been there then we would never have turned back…

    Still it is the 6 ponds next week and surely we cann’t get lost on
    that run.


    • Dave says:

      When we met the telegraph poles Peter decided we needed to follow them in the other direction. I deliberately didn’t join the others in looking at the map before we started out so can neither take nor give blame! Sounds like you’re tempting fate with the 6 ponds!