Illusive hotel

I’d missed the last couple of runs at Beaulieu Road Station whilst on vacation and with the arrival of a new month, the venue had moved to Nomansland. Sadly, no-one who knows where they’re going turned up so we had to rely on Neil. 😉 Having poured scorn on Peter for being unable to find the Bramshaw Hill Hotel from Fritham, we then proceeded to miss it again on tonight’s run. All due credit to Neil, following a dash along the road through Bramshaw he recovered his sense of direction. All in all a good run if a little long at nearly 80 minutes elapsed time (if only about 60 minutes running).

20100706 Bramshaw Hill Hotel GPS

5 Responses to “Illusive hotel”

  1. Michael Yeo says:

    I wouldn’t be able to find the Bramshaw Hill Hotel from any direction. I assume you mean the Bramble Hill Hotel.

  2. Neil says:

    we weren’t trying to find the Bramble Hill hotel, we were trying to
    run around it to get to the golf course. Which is something we achieved.
    Admittly the plan was to run slightly closer to the hotel than we managed
    and looking at the map when we got to the road we should have turned
    right rather than left but we got there in the end.


  3. Neil says:

    I did think of going up to the Rufus stone since we had made it
    all the way to Brook but I thought that there might have been a
    mutiny (had anyone realised what was going on). But I will remember
    the Romsey option for next time.