WebSphere ESB

On Friday, we released Fix Pack for the BPM stack including WebSphere ESB. This was what we call a “development led” fix pack which generally means that, in addition to the usual round-up of fixes, there is some additional new function. In this case, we have been working hard on the new business object lazy parsing mode that first surfaced as a technology preview at the end of last year. Previously, although we had various performance enhancements to avoid parsing the message body if it was never touched by a mediation flow, as soon as you did touch it, we parsed the whole message in to a Service Data Object. With the new mode, we only parse as much of the message as is required to evaluate each expression. As you might imagine, this is largely done in the name of performance and the improvement is particularly significant with partial access to large messages. Sadly, were not quite done with this work and all over the update notes you’ll see a statement indicating that lazy mode is now out of tech preview but only for modules that do not contain mediation flows.

One of the other significant points about this fix pack is the move to WebSphere Application Server and, in particular, the fact that this finally has an Installation Manger based install process. This means that you can finally install both the Application Server, ESB and fixes for both, all using the same install technology. Unfortunately you will have to use the old Update Installer to remove any ifixes that you have already installed.

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  1. Bjørn-Willy says:

    So, still in the bus and message departmet….

    Going to Dusseldorf, Dave ?