Pond numbering

Unlike last week, it was a lovely evening for a run on Tuesday. As usual I stayed out of the discussion about where we would go but it seemed like Neil and Peter had come to some agreement as to where we would run from Rufus Stone. That didn’t stop us ending up doing two different runs! It all seemed to be down to what you consider to be the forward direction for the Six Ponds run from Fritham. Both Neil and Peter were heading for pond number two but Peter was numbering clockwise (Longcross Pond) and Neil was numbering anti-clockwise (Cadman’s Pool). You can work out from the track below who I was following!

20100921 Rufus Stone GPX

3 Responses to “Pond numbering”

  1. Michael Yeo says:

    You don’t appear to have visited either pond but I’m guessing you will have played safe and followed Peter. I assume you didn’t meet Neil coming in the other direction.

  2. Neil says:

    I think our route was more fun. Plus we get to go up the most popular
    Tuesday night ride to Janesmore pond. It is the only bit of the forest we run through on 4 different months so it must be good.