Farewell run

It was Neil’s last Tuesday night run before departing back to the southern hemisphere and consequently he got to choose tonight’s route. It was therefore fairly predictable that it would be the wettest and muddiest of those available: Lordsdale Greenway. The temperature must have nearly been a balmy 10 degrees but for some reason I felt cold for much of the time we were out. Suspiciously, the turnout at the pub afterwards seemed to be much larger than that on the run.

Farewell Neil – Tuesday nights just won’t be as much fun without you!

20110111 Lordsdale Greenway GPX

One Response to “Farewell run”

  1. Neil Broderick says:

    at least I also chose the flattest and shortest route. But it wasn’t that muddy
    when I went along there last week.

    Anyway I will miss Tuesday night runs, even Sainsbury’s. It is great running with
    such a friendly bunch of mates and you are all welcome to come and stay in
    Auckland once I get there.