Blue Skies at Lucas Castle

884On Sunday we went to our first orienteering event of 2011 – an SOC local event at Lucas Castle and Highland Water (starting near Bolderwood). It was a frosty start but blue skies meant it turned in to a lovely day. I took Emma and Duncan around the white course. Duncan was asleep before we left the car so was pretty quiet until near the end where he started to object to being in the buggy. Emma enjoyed herself but, as always, needed some edible bribes to keep her going to the end of the course! We arrived back just before Christine so she could take over the reins whilst I went out on the brown course.

It’s not the most exciting of areas but the running is pleasant enough where the heather isn’t too deep. I made only one real blunder, wasting around a minute and a half on control 9 where I headed too far north as I came off the top of the hill. My legs felt tired as, indeed, did I more generally, and I didn’t feel able to run hard on the numerous long legs. An after-effect of giving blood on Wednesday perhaps? Still, I was second in the results and first M35 (yes, I am now officially over the hill in orienteering terms) which is a nice start to the year.

20110109 Lucas Castle and Highland Water GPX

One Response to “Blue Skies at Lucas Castle”

  1. Neil Broderick says:

    personally I have refused to move up to the M40 class since the lack of
    competition in the M35 class is quite nice. If it weren’t for you getting old
    and Alex showing up I would have won it on Sunday, despite being beaten
    by several M60s.