Two Ponds

It being the first Tuesday of the month, it had to be Sainsburys. Just for novelty, Neil took us on a detour to a pond in Rownhams (I forget the name) to make it the ‘Two Ponds Run’.

20110104 Two Ponds (Sainsburys) GPX

3 Responses to “Two Ponds”

  1. Neil says:

    according to open street map the pond is Fernyhurst Lake. However it does
    not appear to have a name on Google Maps or the Ordnance Survey. And on
    my Southampton A-Z it just doesn’t appear. Perhaps we can get Peat to name
    it for us.

    Googling Fernyhurst lake is not particularly useful either. But it does appear
    to be a good place to go bird watching.


  2. Michael Yeo says: has a bit of information about Fernyhurst.

    Fernyhurst House stood roughly at what is now Bridgers Close in an area that was known as Rownhams Woods. It was built by Reverend Wilson who lived there whilst he was vicar of the parish. There were large wooded grounds surrounded by a lake known locally as Poores Pond – this lake is now a feature of the Fernyhurst Estate and dates back to the Napoleonic War when it was constructed for the benefit of troops encamped nearby. During World War II the centre section of the house was destroyed during an air raid, killing several children who were evacuated there as a place of safety.

    • Dave says:

      Google hits favours Fernhurst Lake/Pond over Poores Pond so I’m guessing the locals have changed their mind!