Royal watching

920I can’t claim that Royal Wedding fever was rife in the Currie household. Emma was mildly excited due to the whole ‘princess’ side of things but probably wouldn’t have noticed  if we’d just gone out for the day. As it was, we settled down in front of the TV just as the groom departed for the Abbey and watched until they were in the church. The photo is a bit misleading as Duncan wasn’t really glued to the screen. He was probably only standing there to try and get other people’s attention. Emma seemed to enjoy wathing all of the different hats going in to the church.

917Having seen the vows, we then rushed out the door to go and have lunch with friends. The TV was on there when we arrived but the children seemed to have lost interest in the event by then although the two girls did continue to wear the crowns they had made at their respective nurseries (obviously a popular pre-wedding activity). The occassion was, however, an excuse for Christine to add a patriotic theme to the cake baking. In fact, cakes seemed to be of particular interest to Emma. When we bought the paper the following day, Emma was most keen to find a picture of the wedding cake!

2 Responses to “Royal watching”

  1. Neil Broderick says:

    perhaps you should have told Emma that there were no princesses involved
    but only duchesses? You need to get these matter of protocol correct if you ever meet the royal family …


    • Dave says:

      You can’t have been watching closely enough! I saw lots of princesses (although admittedly none getting married).