Norway bound

Most of my friends and colleagues will by now be heartily sick of hearing the phrase “it depends… we may be in Norway by then” (but probably not as sick as I am of saying it!). For those who don’t know, I have, for the past year or so, been trying to arrange an assignment with IBM to the Nordics. Having settled on Norway about five months ago we (myself and the local management teams on either side) have been battling against the numerous internal processes involved. I’m therefore relieved to say that, as of yesterday, we finally have approval to proceed. Lest they change their mind, the current plan is that I head out to Oslo next week, with Christine and Emma following along once accommodation is sorted. We’ll then be out there until sometime around August, returning to the UK in time for Christine to restart lecturing for the new University year. Now there’s just the small matter of getting packed. Oh, and I should probably dust off those “Teach yourself Norwegian” books we bought months ago!!

6 Responses to “Norway bound”

  1. Alasdair says:


    I am glad to hear it all went though alright. I guess that means you could give my presentation at WSTC in May (although I did get funding to go so yay).


  2. Dave says:

    Excellent – look forward to seeing you out there.

  3. Im on chapter 6 of Teach Yourself Norwegian. Its pretty good.

    Im living in Trondheim now and the Norwegian lifestyle is top class! Take your xc skis if you have any!


  4. Dave says:

    @Alastair – not much call for XC skis in Southampton but we’ll be sure to get some when we arrive.

  5. Sam says:

    Hi Dave,

    Sorry I missed you at the Mudfest (aka Ocknell Inclosure!) yesterday. Good luck with your travels and dont be messing with XC skis, get yourself a snowboard!

    Dont go improving your map reading technique by running with all those Nordics….else I’ll never have a chance to catch you!

  6. Dave says:

    @Sam – saw you running to the start but you must have headed off quickly. I’m not sure Emma would appreciate being dragged along behind a snowboard! I think my map reading had better improve else I’ll never find my way back from Norway!