OpenID support

The observant visitor to this site may already have noticed the addition of OpenID support for logon and commenting on this site. This is easy to achieve with the WP-OpenID plugin. For now I have enabled the option to auto-approve comments submitted with an OpenID. I know having an OpenID doesn’t necessarily make you a good person but, at least for now, its more effort than your average spammer is prepared to go to.

Whilst I was at it, I added the WP-Yadis plugin so that I could delegate from the URL for this site to an OpenID server. My original intention was to set up my own server using phpMyID but in the end I decided that I preferred the richer functionality provided by my existing myOpenID account (in particular, the ability to log in with a client certificate) and I’m not sufficiently paranoid to worry about them knowing what sites I use. In fact, here are the sites that I’ve been able to use my new identity with over the past couple of days: Blogger, DOPPLR, Plaxo, Technorati and, of course, this site.

As part of playing around with phpMyID, I also finally got round to recompiling nginx with SSL support. As reported elsewhere, the only issue I encountered was with removing the default nginx installation.

One Response to “OpenID support”

  1. Alasdair says:

    Hmm, logging onto blogger. I guess I should look to see if there are any comments on my blog. You are still the only person who comments. Thanks for reading. It makes it all seem worthwhile.